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In addition to doing optimization in the website directly or often referred to as OnPage SEO, we also have to do the optimization from outside the website often also called OffPage SEO, or can also plant backlinks outside the website to our website.

Well at this Tutorial will be discussed 5 Source Backlink for our website, so that our website can be more competitive in page 1 google. Take Time to read, understand and try it out right away.

As a beginner only 5 sources of this backlink that need to be planted external link to our Website, okay direct to source backlink the first

1. Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking sites (originally social bookmarking sites) are sites that people use to store, organize, and manage the web pages or blogs they like. In recent times in addition to the above functions are also used to plant backlinks that aim to optimize a particular website.

Source backlinks for quality websites What needs to be done to get backlinks from this site is very easy: You register, verify registration, log in to the site, and publish the URL of the front page and or post your blog. The backlinks that you will get can be dofollow or nofollow, depending on the social bookmarking site requirements.

2. Social Media

Social Media is a source of backlinks for our website with excellent value. where med sos is a website that contains about conversations and conversations between friends, in addition to medsos site is also allowed to menshare links - links containing information, videos and tutorials etc .. Social media is a high PR site and highly trusted google. So backlinks coming from Social media will usually be very strong. So use also medsos as the backlink source for our main website.

3. Comment on Blog

Up to now making backlinks by posting comments and leaving links for optimized websites, is the easiest way to create backlinks, and one of the easiest backlink sources for websites to create.

Visit the Website / Blog, read the article and write a comment do not forget to leave a link to our website. But keep in mind search articles / posts that match the article / post that we are optimizing. in order to create relevance.

What is Relevancy and Why There should be relevance Relevance is suitability (1 niche / 1 topic) between websites that are in the optimization with websites that provide links (Comment on the same blog with the website being in the optimization).

Why Must Relevance Because these parameters are taken google to provide an assessment, semaikn high relevance of an External Link the higher the value given to our website, and vice versa. this will certainly impact to the ranking of the website being in the optimization.

If longer lazy typing long - long enough to visit the blog blog and leave the Commant and links, wrong. Make this a source of backlinks for our website.

4. Web Dummies

Used because of the difficulty of getting relevant backlinks, with us make it then we can create a very relevant backlink, why because web dummy is a web that we deliberately created to plant backlinks to the website that we are optimizing.

Dummy Web is usually created using web 2.0 applications or free websites. Some of the most commonly used web 2.0 are:

- Blogspot.com for how to make it please click Tutorial how to create a free blog - wordpress.com For how to make it please read the article how to create a free website on wordpress. - weebly.com - webnode.com - npage.com - soup.io

5. PDF Share Sites

In these sites we can embed a backlink to our site, by making an article in the word and create a link to the post that we are optimizing, save it into PDF format and Upload to PDF sharing site.

Some Pdf sharing sites are:

- academia.edu - scribd.com - issuu.com This site is one source of backlinks for our website, with the easiest steps, usually we are only required to have an account on their website, capital email is enough.

So 5 Backlink Resources for websites that are trusted, safe and quality. it is highly recommended that you do this to make the website rank better.

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