Avoid Exploding Mobile Phones, Watch These 4 Things

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The phone may experience a burning or explosive condition that may be caused by a defect or a user who is not paying attention to mobile health . Here are some things that users need to pay attention to in order to prevent the phone from exploding.

In order for the battery to work properly and have a longer life, users are advised to use the original battery. Avoid using counterfeit batteries, low-quality or cheap batteries to avoid damage or disturbance to the phone that may be felt in the future.

Do not Put the Phone on Heat Area

Users are advised to avoid hot areas, especially when the phone is charging. Overheating problems may be found on phones that are in battery charging conditions. Environmental temperature also contributes to the condition of mobile phone battery.

If you are charging your phone or using other functions that cause increased heat, make sure to use it in a ventilated place or not a high room temperature.

Avoid Overheating

Often the phone is used to work or play games, resulting in high mobile phone temperature. So, note when the phone is in hot conditions, users should reduce the heavy work that causes the phone hot.

If the phone is hot because the user takes too long to play the game, the user can stop the game and let the phone rest first until the temperature returns to normal.

Avoid Pressure or Clash

Cell phones that experience excessive pressure or violent impact can be damaged, so the possibility can be shorted. High-pressure mobile phones for example occupied can cause the battery to become leaking resulting in an explosion.

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