Google Provides AMP Support for Gmail

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Google brings the ability of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to send email starting today. The AMP project itself has long been developed by companies where it will allow users to access the site's pages quickly. pbn backlink

AMP for Gmail itself has been released by Google through developer preview. AMP for Gmail feature, will allow developers to make email more interactive and interesting.

In Google's shadow, the feature will be useful for users where developers can embed widgets on an ever-updated email, as well as other actionable features without having to close the inbox.

AMP for Email is open-source. This means that developers can freely explore with the ability and use it for their benefit. Some companies that develop AMP for Email features include Pinterest,, and Doodle.

Google says the presence of AMP for Email features will allow users to do things like RSVP to events, view and interact with content, or fill out forms without leaving an email.

The company exemplifies, when the contractor intends to schedule a meeting with you. With AMP for Email you can respond interactively via the form without having to close the email.

The technology giant plans to include AMP support in Gmail later this year. Not long ago the company also plan to add stories on Google Search.

Similar to support for Gmail, Google also makes use of AMP projects for stories on its search pages.

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