Quick Ways to Extend Hair Safely

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Long, healthy and shiny hair is the dream of people, especially women.

So it is not surprising if there are women who are willing to spend super expensive for hair care.

Some hair problems that often appear like dry hair, dull and fall out.

Age factor, wrong diet, and hormonal imbalance make hair growth become obstructed.

Important things to do to lengthen hair safely and quickly

#Do not wear hair dryers

Heater or hair dryer such as hair dryer, catokan, and curling has a bad effect on hair, in the form of fragile and fall hair.

The use of a hair dryer that is too frequent, will adversely affect the hair in the future.

For that, you should be wise in the use of this equipment, such as just use it when in a hurry.

The best thing is to let dry hair by itself. One alternative to dry hair faster, that is with diangin-aired.

For that, try not to frequent using a hair dryer.

As if it was forced to use a dryer, then setting with a temperature that is not too hot.

# Do not dye hair

Not a few people who feel do not want to look out of date, so every new hair model then always want to try.

Keep in mind, the mutual habit of hair models, especially the color can damage the hair and scalp ...

... but it also slows the growth of hair, it is because of chemicals contained in hair dye products.

Actually, as an Indonesian who essentially resides in Asia, jet black hair should be made a pride of its own.

European women are actually 'jealous' in Asian women who have matching hair, which is a dark color that looks beautiful.

# Massage of the scalp A simple way to stimulate hair growth is to massage the scalp regularly, at least 3 times a week.

Massaging the scalp can make the blood circulation of the scalp smooth, which can be beneficial to the hair itself, in the form of optimal hair growth process.

When bathing at home, you can massage while washing. Massage the scalp slowly for 3 minutes only.

Later, the nutrients in shampoo also help hair provide great benefits for the hair.

Scalp massage is not only a cream bath in the salon, you can also do it yourself at home without spending a dime.

# Do not swim too often

Swimming is okay, but not too often. Once a week swimming does not damage the hair.

If you have your own pool at home, then do not spend too long soaking in the pool.

If you can, avoid swimming in pool water containing chlorine, that's because chlorine water can cause hair damage. Chlorine makes hair growth slower.

Swimming pool contains chlorine which is at risk of damage and makes hair dry quickly. Thus, hair needs treatment after swimming ...

... such as doing hair shampoo or using conditioner to keep hair healthy and moist.

In addition to chlorine water, saltwater from the sea can make hair become dry and damaged, which eventually interfere with hair growth.

• Sufficient

sleep When sleeping, the body cells will recover. So sleep patterns should be good because it is important for the health of all parts of the body.

Hanging habits or bad sleep patterns, affect the appearance of skin, nails and hair.

In the hair, lack of sleep makes the hair will tend to be dry and looks dull, which ultimately makes hair growth is not maximal.

#Avoid stress

Stress that prolonged can be bad for the health of the body, including hair health.

When conditions of stress or too much thought, hair growth will slow down because the hormone cortisol will be produced excessively ...

... this causes inhibition of the work of hair follicles, where hair follicles function important in the process of hair growth.

# Sufficient body needs protein content

In addition to care from the outside, care from the inside is also needed for optimal hair growth.

Protein is a nutrient that is needed by the body, including in hair growth.

By meeting the daily protein requirement, it helps to optimize hair growth, so that hair can grow quickly.

Protein sources for the body, such as: eggs, fish, chicken, beans, red meat, products made from dairy products.

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