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Seeing this great forum filled with spam ane want to contribute to write the experience let me to the game and can kayak the meat all the knowledge

Ane nyubie new nyemplung in the world of blogs, while diving drinking water, all learn SEO that let be perched on the first page of Google, many who click and can dapet duit wkwkwkwk

But, all that is not easy to get after wandering a few decades (lebay) wkwkwk, ane trying to find the answer to the problem why blogs can never perch on page one, the problem is:

Backlink (link vote site).

Content has no strong relevance.

Do not understand user behavior

But, you might want to discuss a bit about backlinks that become the most influential indicator in ranking.

The basic concept of

Backlink Backlink was popularized by Google founders sergey brin and larry page before they graduated from standford university, and put into the concept of Google algorithm to date.

Basically a site page has very little pagerank innate, does not mean it does not exist.

Well a page will get a high pagerank because there is a page that gives a link to the page.

The case page A to Page B, when page A links to page B, then page B will get the value of a number of pagerank.

But when page A links a link to page B and page C then the number of PageRank powers will be equally divided.

A different case when page A links a link to page B and Page C and Page B links back to Page A, then between Page A and Page B have different accumulated PageRank values.

And the power of a page is also influenced from the internal structure of link building.

* note: Nofollow factor in a link, still gives effect to the link destination, because many are afraid to provide dofollow links, so search engines still provide value on the link destination.

Link strength factors are determined by:

Anchor Text

Relevance Link


Trust A Page (trust)

How a newbie like me implements the above concept?

After passing by to create various blogs, I made it the last 2 years, making a lot of blogs turned out to provide long-term benefits, for backlinks.

I only linked my main blog to my new blog that I woke up not 4 weeks with pages that have related topics, linked them in related articles.

Not put in the footer link or sidebar as a recommendation link, why?

To avoid being considered spam links by the penguin algorithm.

Besides that I also choose which blog has a long life, so pageranknya is enough to sustain.

Well, on the other hand I use some google account to create a website, in order to avoid the loss of pagerank value, why can be lost? Because the Google algorithm also detects whois, when there is a web with the same whois will be considered as a poor link building.

The result of linking like that what happened Can go on page one google with 3 word keyword, although not in position one, but that enough to give me relief in pattern of blog development in the future.

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