The Story of Paul Allen, Microsoft Founder Other than Bill Gates

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Paul Allen was born on January 21, 1953 in Seattle, Washington. His name bounced after setting up Microsft with Bill Gates.

The meeting with Bill Gates itself occurred when Paul was 14 years old at Lakeside School. Both have the same interest in computers.

In 1973, Paul Allen scored 100 to study at Washington State University. But after two years of college, he went out and worked as a programmer at a computer company called Honeywell in Boston.

After several years in the company, Paul Allen intends to start his own company. He then asked Bill Gates to join him to build the company.

Gates then came out of Harvard to work with Paul Allen to build a new company called Microsoft. This is when the wave of personal computer systems (PCs) hit America.

Paul and Bill Gates decided to design a new software that would run with the new PC. Both started by providing Microsoft BASIC software that they have developed into new companies at the time such as Commodore and Apple.

IBM then tried to sign Paul Allen by promising a DOS (Disc Operating System) software. But Microsoft at that time has not designed a complicated software, so Paul Allen tries to continue to grow his company and make a profit.

Paul Allen then purchased a software called QDOS (Quick and Dirty Operating System) created by Tim Paterson. Allen and Gates further convert QDOS into MS-DOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System).

The software was installed on an Intel 8088 PC that went on sale in 1981. The new PC helped revolutionize computing in America. As a result Paul Allen and Bill Gates instantly become millionaires because they receive royalties for each PC sold.

Unfortunately Paul Allen was diagnosed with cancer named Hodgkin's lymphoma in 1982. Even so, he was able to recover completely only after months of radiation therapy.

But after his illness recovered, he began to distance himself from Microsoft and decided to try new innovations and research. In 1986, Paul started a company called Vulcan Ventures.

Paul invests in various sectors such as online directories, hardware to wireless communications. In 1998, Paul has also acquired more than 30 companies. One-year hiatus, his fortune even reached more than USD25 billion just thanks to cable business and internet.

Paul Allen is still listed as Microsoft's board of directors until November 2000. In 2013 he reportedly still has approximately 138 million shares in Microsoft.

Paul Allen's business has been the key behind his success as an entrepreneur. Its strategic investment has also made Microsoft as it is today.

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