Ways to Eliminate Blackheads Permanently

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Blackheads are a pile of fat on the face that generally accumulate in the vicinity of the nose, eyes and cheeks. The occurrence of blackheads due to a blockage in the pores of the skin, this is like acne.

As for the clog is dirt, dust, dead skin cells and excess oil on the face.

Some people hope (over-reliance on) facial cleansing products in an effort to remove blackheads, where the use of such products is not guaranteed to be able to clear blackheads to roots. So blackheads are vulnerable to appear again.

Use of such products if too often then causes dry skin. Blackheads there are two kinds, namely blackheads (blackheads) and whiteheads (whitehead). Whatever the type komedoya, still need to be cleaned so that the skin remains clean and smooth.

Here are various ways and tips to remove blackheads:

1. Clean Blackheads with the help of dental yarn

A woman named Sukhi Mann uses a dental floss tool to clear blackheads in his nose. Its use is very simple and does not take long.

He provided a regular bowl filled with hot water, then soaked a clean towel on the bowl of hot water.

After that, the warm towel is placed on the surface of the nose for five minutes (make sure the condition of the towel is not too hot so it does not hurt).

Doing this is useful to open the pores of the skin, so it will facilitate in cleaning blackheads.

Then prepare the dental floss, then drag slowly from top to bottom (swipe gently and do not rush).

Sukhi Mann believes that the use of dental floss will be safer than metal, this makes you not have to worry from the emergence of problems in the form of a scar on the nose.

Well, after all blackheads tesebut successfully removed so that the face or nose clean again, then clean the nose using clean water.

Then you apply a toner on the nose (can be rose water, face toner, mouthwash, etc.), rub it with a soft cotton.

2. Take advantage of Lemon

Lemon is often used for natural skin care. Inside contained alpha-hydroxic acid and citric acid are efficacious to remove acne scars or blackheads, clean dead skin cells, and tighten the pores of the face.

3. Mix Lemon, Yogurt and Salt

Mixed yogurt and lemon juice can be effective to remove blackheads. The role of lemon juice is able to clean the skin dirt and tighten the pores. The yogurt serves to moisturize the skin naturally so the skin is protected from dehydration.

4. Avoid Habit Punching Blackheads

For those of you who want to go blackheads and face was smooth and clean, then avoid liking squeezing blackheads on the face. It will trigger bad things like the incidence of wounds, and also the bacteria will spread more.

So instead of blackheads disappear, it appears a new blackheads and scars. When squeezing blackheads by hand, you are forcing the dirt inside to get out, this can rip the skin.

When your hands hold or press the blackheads on the face, this causes the movement of bacteria and feces from the fingers to the face. This can trigger an infection.

Squeezing blackheads can also cause scarring on the face. Friction of fingernails on the surface of the face can cause redness and irritation. Former blackheads that squeeze can also cause black stains.

If carelessly squeeze blackheads with unsterilized hand conditions, the former blackheads that squeeze can cause skin damage and become dull.

5. Remove Blackheads With White Eggs

You can make an egg white mask useful to remove dead skin cells, shrink pores, remove blackheads, to tighten the skin.

To make egg white mask then simple way, prepare egg and egg white. Should be used is chicken eggs because it is better when applied in the form of masks later.

To make an egg white mask, provide one chicken egg, then you split the yellow and egg whites (not to be mixed).

Used is egg white, input in the container and shake until it becomes foamy.

In such foaming conditions then apply to the skin (apply to all parts), then paste dry tissue on the face.

Paste tissue to cover all parts of facial skin. Then you dab again the egg white to the tissue so that the tissues will stick perfectly.

Leave it in this condition until the tissue dries. If it is perfectly dry, then you remove the tissue attached to the face.

Then rinse face using warm water, then rinse face back with plain water to close the pores.

Armed with materials such as egg whites and tissues to be used as a mask, providing benefits for blackheads and dead skin cells on the face can be cleaned, but it also makes the skin more radiant.

How often do these natural treatments? At least once a week. If possible, it is recommended to do it three times in two weeks.

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